Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Why is Fisher so quiet all of a sudden?

We heard from Draper today, why not Jurvetson?

Microsoft is like a global monoculture and therefore subject to catastrophic collapse. The pace at which viruses and worms spread is outstanding.

I haven't had a virus in my Mac for 10 years. No one writes applications for the Mac, not even viruses, and it's a safer world.

So there's an argument for biodiversity in this economy.

-- Steve Jurvetson, Managing Director of Draper, Fisher & Jurvetson (big Valley VC firm that funded Hotmail and Skype)

I had to smile when I read this. When people are tearing out their hair because a virus has shut down their whole system, lost their email, or emailed porn to their entire client list, I always recommend they go out and get themselves a Mac.

I was reading this article mostly because Stewart recommended I do so, and I recommend you do so too. There are a lot of great ideas, forecasts, and observations there.