Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Six Myths of Creativity

According to this Article in Fast Company, these are the six myths of creativity in business:

1. Creativity Comes From Creative Types
As a leader, you don't want to ghettoize creativity; you want everyone in your organization producing novel and useful ideas, including your financial people.

2. Money Is a Creativity Motivator
People put far more value on a work environment where creativity is supported, valued, and recognized.

3. Time Pressure Fuels Creativity
Time pressure stifles creativity because people can't deeply engage with the problem.

4. Fear Forces Breakthroughs
Creativity is positively associated with joy and love and negatively associated with anger, fear, and anxiety.

5. Competition Beats Collaboration
When people compete for recognition, they stop sharing information.

6. A Streamlined Organization Is a Creative Organization Creativity suffers greatly during a downsizing.