Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Exceptional Customer Service Experience: SleepCountry

This morning I received a Thank You note from SleepCountry, where I'd bought a box spring last week. From start to finish, the experience was great. I went in, told the salesperson I was looking for a box spring. She asked me if I'd bought my mattress there, I said I had, she looked me up in the computer, then told me what kind of box spring I needed based on my mattress purchase. She showed me the two least expensive models. I picked one. She said, do you want it delivered tomorrow? I said yes. She called the delivery department, they said yes. I paid and left. The whole transaction took 5 minutes.

The delivery people called me at 9AM and said they'd be at my house between 2 and 5. They rang at 2. They got to the top of the stairs and apologized for taking so long, because the box spring didn't fit in the elevator and they had to walk up the stairs. Upon entering my apartment, they put little slippers over their shoes so as not to damage anything. They assembled the bed in a matter of moments, had me sign a receipt, put a thank you note on the bed, and then left. I'd wanted to tip them for taking the stairs. They didn't hang around.

Then this morning I received this handwritten thank you card from the salesperson who had helped me at the store, with a series of questions where I could rate the store and experience.

SleepCountry makes the following commitments:

* Fully staffed professional customer service department
* 60-night comfort guarantee
* 5% price guarantee
* Free delivery
* Removal of old mattress and box-spring for donation to charity
* Wearing booties in customers homes
* Timely response to warranty issues, scheduling inspections, and liaison with the manufacturer
* Trained Sleep Specialists
* Professional Delivery Specialists

Each sales person goes through 180 hours of training before they become a Certified Sleep Specialist and are put on the floor. The company has been around only since 1994, starting with 4 stores and one warehouse in British Columbia, and appears to be growing, with 89 stores in seven regional markets, and expanding into the U.S. Market. Here's ttheir latest report.

Flawlessly executed. I'll never buy a mattress anywhere else.