Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Entrepreneurial Drive

Q. Describe a day in the life of Nick Denton.

A. Coffee at Balthazar at 8:45. Deal with the morning's e-mail backlog, lounging on the sofa. Check for the details of the conference call. Agonize over the name of the next site. Try out name variants on IM with Gabriela (advertising operations) in Paris, Patric (design) in Chicago, and Choire (editorial) in the East Village. Lunch at Lever House or Balthazar, with a media buyer, if possible. A nap. Surf aimlessly around the Web. Hey, I can always *pretend* I'm on the lookout for new writing talent. Exercise, sometimes. Alcohol, often.

There's other intesting stuff in the article, but that was my favorite part.